Clean room / ESD

– Antistatic polyester gloves with sewn carbon fiber for electrostatic discharge
– ESD safety aprons
– ESD protective coveralls
– ESD safety shoes
– Caps and masks
– Cleaning cloths
– Matting and adhesive rollers




Safety shoes

– Summer, winter and all-year-round safety footwear for employees of various industries
– Shoes with reinforced toe cap and ordinary




From the waist up

– Work clothes from the waist up
– Jackets for winter and summer
– Fleeces
– Polo shirts
– Vests
– Aprons





– To the waist
– Gardeners
– With reflective stripes
– Summer and insulated




Work gloves

– A large selection of gloves for various applications
– Polyester, nylon, leather, vinyl and latex gloves





– Cotton cloth
– Stretch foil
– Packaging tape, significant
– Filters and masks
– Welding shields
– Welding protectors
– Hearing protectors